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  • 75% of employers want their employess to have language skills (CBI / Edexcel Education and Skills Survey, 2008)
  • Multinational companies want multilingual recruits (Sunday Times 14/05/2008)
  • Speaking a second language gives a candidate the 'x-factor' (National Centre for Languages Poll of 500 employers, 2010)
  • The year abroad is valuable in broadening work experience, social contacts and employability.
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Speedlearn offers you the opportunity to learn English, Spanish, Italian, French, Arabic and many more at your own speed and in your own time. No more boring books but entertaining and interactive courses to help you speak and travel wherever you want.


  • "Awesome!"

    "This programme is really helpful, it helped to learn French simply and very fast. I really recommend it."

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    - Eleanore
  • "Spectacular"

    " The videos are very easy and clear to learn, I love you gotta try it out and you'll know. "

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    - Okan
  • "Super Helpful"

    "What i like about it is, using the animation where not only its good for adults, but also for kids to be entertained while learning."

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    - Sara
  • "Amazing!"

    "I chose this product because my cousin subscribed to it and recommended it to me. it helped me learn a lil bit of different languages where i can actually be able to at least start a convo"

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    - Regina

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Speedlearn now offers you the opportunity to learn different languages at your own pace and in your own time. It is available on all devices.

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